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Statusupdate von BSG für den 0.12 Patch

Neuigkeiten, Patchnotes etc.
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Do 15. Aug 2019, 15:42

:arrow: Moin Leute,
BSG hat uns ein kleines Statusupdate zugespielt 8-)

folgende Punkte sind schon gut am voran kommen!

Hello, comrades!

We are at the full speed ahead and we can see the land on the horizon. Many things are done.
Time for next status update.

• unity 2018 migration, optimizations, fixes. We have a good results in terms of optimization. Migration is done.

• hideout - Last bonuses implementation and polishing.

• new map - mil base. Current status - polishing.

• stationary weapon mechanics. KORD is done. AGS is in progress.

• new exfils. Train exfil is being polished.

• weapon builds system - done.

• character clothing customization - done (5 pairs of clothing for each PMCs).

• new content. Decided to add more gear. 0.12 is the biggest patch in terms of items already.

• new trader and his quests. Quests polishing.

• new bosses. Wood's boss is ready. Milbase boss is ready. Guards setup and polishing are in progress.

• 3rd person character animations overhaul and optimization - done.

• Added new high performance long distance grass, adding TAA antialiasing and HBAO.

• Added new explosion effects.

• And many many other changes and fixes.

What's left to complete in general:

• All major features finalizing and in-house playtesting.

• Additional performance issues fixing.

• Continuing bugfixing (especially new bugs).

• Initial balancing (hideout, clothing customization).

• New anticheat system refinement.

Thanks for waiting!

BSG team


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