Patchnote, Hotfixes und Wartungsarbeiten
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We present the Escape from Tarkov patch notes.

List of improvements:

  • Added new quests and expanded existing quest lines;
  • Weapon preset list tab will now display presets available for the selected weapon;
  • Added the option to hide the intermediate trader list screen;
  • Added the option to configure the use of consumable items on double-click.

List of fixes:

  • Fixed the known issues with loading into raids as PMCs and Scavs which were especially noticeable on Streets of Tarkov;
  • Various visual fixes on Streets of Tarkov;
  • Various fixes for sound and environment on Streets of Tarkov;
  • Fixed the bug where the fog on Streets of Tarkov was not rendered in optics;
  • Fixed the incorrect number of landmine explosions on Lighthouse;
  • Fixed the scrollbar display in the list of items for barter when switching to another item;
  • Fixed PMC and Scav hands freezing in lowered position after using consumable items;
  • Fixed Error 228 when trying to re-mop the floor at the Defective Wall in the Hideout after a raid;
  • Fixed the known causes of memory leaks;
  • Fixed the radio transmitter reflashing craft that was showing as failed after a raid;
  • Fixed quests "Knock-Knock" and "Getting Acquainted";
  • Fixed the bug where the effect of medication ended before the timer did;
  • Fixed the bug where energy was restored when canceling the use of a painkiller;
  • Fixed the bug where players were getting less money than indicated in the pop-up message for selling items to Fence after a Scav raid;
  • Fixed the sorting table getting frozen after a raid as a Scav;
  • Fixed the missing warning message that a player has items left on Scav after a raid;
  • Fixed the incorrect display of red "Out of Stock" offers that remained on the Flea Market even after they were purchased;
  • Fixed the container search sound looping if a player or bot was killed during the search process;
  • Fixed the display of flashlight light in third person if you move the working flashlight from the helmet to the weapon in hands;
  • Laser beam no longer changes its direction depending on the observer's angle when the FOV is over 50;
  • Kiba Arms 25mm mount installed on the helmet no longer obstructs vision in first person;
  • Fixed Error 500 when the player is trying to repeatedly sell Scav equipment to Fence with the “Sell all” option;
  • Adjusted the recoil behavior for SVT-40/AVT-40;
  • Fixed the "Equipment" and "Pouches" tab icons in equipment kits;
  • Fixed the overlapping images while loading into raid;
  • Fixed the ability to check stash while in raid;
  • Fixed the Lavatory level 2 zone visuals that obstructed the screen when switching to Weapon Stand;
  • Fixed an issue with part of the inventory panels missing if a container search was previously interrupted by another player;
  • Fixed the deletion of a preset if in the preset overwrite window you first refuse to overwrite the preset and then enter a new name;
  • Fixed the first-person stock folding animation;
  • Fixed the DSP radio transmitter reflashing for the Getting Acquainted task;
  • Fixed the player death at the end of the 10 minute timer after visiting Lightkeeper;
  • Fixed the clipping of ECHO1 thermal sight with specific weapon attachments;
  • Fixed the magnification of ECHO1 and Zeus-Pro 640 thermal sights;
  • Added the compatibility of specific scopes with CSS Rail Mount for Saiga-12K;
  • Fixed the possibility of earning Flea Market rating for repeatedly selling an item to the same player;
  • Fixed the issues with adding notes to maps;
  • Scav Groups can no longer move one at a time during patrol;
  • Fixed the accrual of hydration, energy and health values in stash after building Nutrition Unit level 3;
  • SP-81 signal pistol animations and reload sounds no longer disappear in third person after the first shot;
  • Improved Scavs’ reaction to grenades;
  • Factory banner is no longer displayed while loading to Streets of Tarkov.

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